Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Canton, OH

As summer’s hot temperatures approach, you might be inclined to think about upgrading your air conditioning system or perhaps consider installing air conditioning for the first time. At Elsass Heating & Cooling, we have a genuine interest in offering the best indoor comfort solutions for your home and budget. We install only top name brands such as Carrier backed by great warranties that protect your investment. Trust in Elsass for all of your air conditioning installation & replacement needs.

Which Air Conditioner is Right for You?

Purchasing a new air conditioning system can be a bit overwhelming with all the different features and options available to you. We’ve done our best to outline the most important features and explain how each of them will impact your overall comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency (SEER)

Your HVAC system can account for as much as 40% of your home’s energy expenses, so efficiency matters when selecting your next air conditioning system.  Air conditioning efficiency is measured in SEER, with system efficiencies soaring as high as 21 SEER. However, not all climate conditions warrant an ultra-high efficiency air conditioning system, ask your HVAC professional what is right for you.

Cooling Capacity (Ton)

The size of an air conditioner is measured in tons, where the larger the tonnage the larger the capacity of the system.  However, when it comes to air conditioning, bigger isn’t always necessarily better.  An air conditioning system that is sized properly can have a huge impact on your overall comfort and energy efficiency.   If your system is too large for your home, it will turn on more frequently and run for very short cycles. Short cycling will not cool a home uniformly and it will also create a lot of excess wear and tear on your system.  If your air conditioning system is undersized, it will turn on and run for long periods of time in order to reach the desired temperature, utilizing more energy than necessary to cool your home.  If you have questions about proper sizing, contact our experts and we’ll do a full in-home assessment.

Quiet (Decibels, dB)

If you can hear your air conditioner running from inside your home or you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, a system’s sound level may be of importance to you.  Air conditioners can operate as low as 56 dB (refrigerator or idling car) and as high as 72 dB (vacuum cleaner).

Compressor Type

A systems compressor dictates its cooling performance and overall comfort achieved.    Compressors come in three types: Single-Stage, Two-Stage and Variable Speed.

A variable-speed compressor operates at up to five levels or capacities of operation. The ability for a compressor to step up or down in 5 stages means that the system is capable of delivering the most superior performance in terms of quiet, humidity control, consistent temperatures and unprecedented energy efficiency.

A two stage compressor performs at two levels or capacities of operation; low and high. This type of system is designed to perform at the low level most frequently to allow for quieter operation, greatest efficiency and best dehumidification. During extremely hot weather conditions, the system will perform at high capacity operation in order to keep up with cooling demands of the home.

A single stage compressor is the least sophisticated and performs at a single level of operation, meaning it’s either off or on.


Air Conditioning Options for Homes with No Ductwork

If you have a home that lacks sufficient ductwork for central air conditioning, your hope for a refreshingly cool summer is not far out of reach. Sure, you can purchase a window air conditioner or a portable fan – but they are loud, unsightly and inefficient. Elsass Heating & Cooling offers better solutions for room-by-room and whole-home comfort.


Unico offers whisper-quiet, high-velocity performance with even cooling distribution throughout an entire home. A Unico system uses small vents connected to flexible tubing that runs through narrow spaces, wall cavities, flooring and ceilings in order to penetrate rooms with minimal disruption to your décor.

Ductless Mini Split

You may need heating and cooling or just cooling. You may want to condition a single space, or perhaps an entire home. Maybe you have ductwork, maybe you don’t. Whatever your needs, wherever your space – Ductless systems offer customizable solutions that are good fit for just about any application.